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Light Bot
An isometric puzzler in which your goal is to instruct a robot to light up certain squares on a map.
added March 4, 2009
Super Stacker 2
Create a stable stack with the shapes that are presented in each level.
added March 2, 2009
Hedgehog Launch
Help the hedgehog make it to space by launching him into a coin-filled sky and upgrading his gear.
added February 27, 2009
Dodge missiles and destroy enemies. You've lost your weapons so you will have to improvise.
added February 25, 2009
You're a robot of the time-traveling variety. Travel back in time and use your previous actions to help you collect circuit boards.
added February 24, 2009
Globetrotter XL
It's time to find out how you measure up when it comes to pinpointing cities around the world.
added February 23, 2009
Guide colorful creatures through 50 levels by activating their incredible powers.
added February 22, 2009
Fight through swarms of enemy ships and screen-filling bosses in this frantic shmup. Includes upgrade shop.
added February 21, 2009
Electric Box
Use your knowledge of electricity and a handful of devices to power the box in every level.
added February 20, 2009
Magic Pen
Clever drawing game in which you have to collect flags with your ball by adding physical objects to the stage.
added February 19, 2009
Totem Destroyer
A physics-based puzzler in the vein of Boom Blox. Destroy blocks of a wobbly structure without destroying the golden statue on top.
added August 14, 2008
Factory Balls
Use the available paint and tools to transform generic balls into the balls pictured on their boxes.
added August 6, 2008
Dolphin Olympics 2
Nicely designed game. Perform various tricks as a dolphin to set new marine mammal records.
added December 15, 2007
Mass Attack
Create and drop weights to even the scales in increasingly difficult levels.
added December 5, 2007
Age of War
Wage war against a rival tribe as technology advances.
added November 27, 2007
Excellent puzzle game in which you move a block on a platform to get it to slide through the exit hole.
added November 26, 2007
Crazy Mammoths
Unique one-button racing game. Jump and bump to stay ahead of the other mammoths.
added June 14, 2007
Physics-based platformer. Guide your ball to the goal with the left and right controls.
added May 30, 2007
Combine numbers to create sums of 10 and 20.
added May 15, 2007
A colorful shooter reminiscent of Geometry Wars.
added May 9, 2007
A circular twist on the classic arcade/puzzle game, Bust-a-Move.
added April 29, 2007
Dot Action 2
Charming platformer with a retro feel to it. With 100 stages, the long load time is worth the wait.
added April 25, 2007
More Bloons
If the original Bloons wasn't enough, here are 50 new levels to satisfy your balloon popping obsession.
added April 20, 2007
Indestructo Tank
You're an indestructible tank. Your only worry is running out of fuel.
added April 18, 2007
Mad Virus
Infect all of the hexagons with your googly-eyed virus.
added April 13, 2007
Top Figures
See how many pieces you can remove from each structure without causing the boy to fall in the water.
added April 12, 2007
Puzzle Freak
Fun board game with an assortment of puzzles. (1-4 players)
added April 5, 2007
Smash 2
Excellent Breakout/Arkanoid clone. In this variant the paddle can be moved vertically, allowing you to hit the ball harder. (Requires Flash 9)
added March 31, 2007
A satisfying balloon popping puzzler. Pop the target number of balloons to pass each level.
added March 29, 2007
Bubble Tanks
Navigate your bubble tank through a seemingly endless world of bubbles, destroying other tanks and collecting bubbles to evolve.
added March 23, 2007
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